About the Webinar

Passwords are frequently the only thing protecting your confidential business plans, IP, communications, network access, employee census information and customer data. Unfortunately, due to human error, negligence and simple lack of knowledge, passwords are also the weakest link in security. Attacking password issues head-on will provide the maximum return on investment for security.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why AWS is the preferred cloud infrastructure for security workloads
  • Why password management is critical to your cybersecurity strategy
  • How to evaluate enterprise password management solutions
  • How password management solutions complement Single Sign-On

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Webinar Hosts

Scott Ward
Principal Solutions Architect
Amazon Web Services
Craig Lurey
CTO & Co-Founder
Keeper Security
Preston Scheuneman
DevOps Engineer
Thomson Reuters

Keeper Security is transforming the way businesses and individuals protect their passwords and sensitive digital assets to significantly reduce cyber theft. As the leading password manager and digital vault, Keeper helps millions of people and thousands of businesses substantially mitigate the risk of a data breach and enhance productivity. Learn more at  https://keepersecurity.com.